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Pure Energy Sports Therapy was stared on the 31 of July 2012.

I have over 10 years of experience working in the sports massage industry as well as the holistic therapeutic massage industry.

At Pure Energy Sports Therapy I offer Therapeutic Sports Massage along with other specified treatments. Our objective is to provide professional sports massage and prevent injuries.

We specialize in injury prevention and rehabilitation with using specific therapeutic techniques. When working with professional athletes we are dedicated to injury prevention and are able to enhance and speed up recovery time for such individuals.

Studies have shown that massage increases recovery time and improves performance in multi-stage events.

Massage is not just for sports men and women or purely to aid recovery in athletes; it is for everyone; the daily ‘stressors’ of life affects everybody: of all statures of life.

We strive to aid in injury prevention, rehabilitation, removal of stagnant toxins and overall relaxation to promote a healthier, happier body.